Azure Cloud Transformation Guide

Accelerate your digital transformation Guide

60% of businesses see digital transformation as contributing to operational efficiency and streamlining processes. And the best way to modernize your enterprise is by migrating to Azure.

A recent case study reported that running their business on hybrid cloud helped them slash datacenter costs by 60 percent, accelerated their application delivery from two months to one day, and greatly improved network security.

Many businesses pick Azure solely for the hybrid benefit it offers. Below listed are some of the benefits that make hybrid solutions so compelling to so many businesses:

  • Fit-for-Purpose: Storing your most sensitive data on dedicated hardware while simultaneously benefiting from the public cloud’s cost efficiency and on-demand scalability.
  • Cost Benefits: Reducing your Total Cost of Ownership, matching your cost patterns to your revenue/demand patterns and transition from a capital-intensive cost model to an OpEx-based model.
  • Improved Security Capabilities: Placing your sensitive data on a dedicated server while running your front-end applications in the public cloud — creating a seamless, agile and secure environment.
  • Driving Innovation and Future-Proofing IT: Taking advantage of emerging cloud technologies, while still retaining your legacy applications within your corporate data centers.

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