Discover, Assess, and Migrate Your Servers and Databases with Azure Migrate

Need real-time, hands-on experience on using the Azure Migrate?

  If you don’t know, Azure migrate is a tool from Microsoft that helps you to migrate on-premises workloads using a centralized portal.  It allows you to track the discovery, assessment, and migration of your on-premises workloads and data to your Azure environment and can be used to migrate any workload to the Azure cloud. Though Azure Migrate started out as a VMware vSphere specific migration tool, it has evolved into “the migration tool” for all of Azure to. Many businesses have relied on Azure Migrate and have executed successful migration implementations in their enterprises.

If you are looking for a hands-on guidance in implementing the same, this online webinar from Microsoft experts is all that you need for a perfect step-to-step blueprint. This webinar gives an immersive experience on using Azure Migrate to discover, assess, and migrate on-prem Hyper-V virtual machines to Azure.

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