Five best practices for cloud Security

Five best practices for cloud Security

Cloud security is something that worries many businesses. And it’s one of the sole reasons why several businesses step back on adopting to cloud. IT leaders fear to pass on the control of their data, situations like data theft or loss  and so they prefer to stay On-prem to avoid the pitfalls of cloud security. But now, the times have changed and the fears can be dismissed as cloud security management had become quite advanced and more secure.  Cloud security is fundamentally a new landscape for many businesses. Though cloud security principles remain the same as on-premises, the implementation is often very different.

This e- book provides an overview of the five best practices for cloud security, implementation steps, and few other insights. Get an understanding of the aspects of cloud security like: 

– Identity and access control
– Security posture management
– Apps and data security
– Threat protection
– Network security. 

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