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Health insurance supergiant achieves scalable, and cost-effective migration with TEKPROS

As IT infrastructure continues to evolve and cloud becomes a more prominent piece, organizations need to consider how they will view and defend their network.  

Compliance and security has particularly been a major cloud concern for many healthcare organizations. Typically, when organizations migrate more of their infrastructure to the cloud, they can feel like they’re giving up their visibility and control because a lot of their data is stored off-site. Because of that, organizations are also longer charged with actively managing data the way they did with on-premises deployments. 

All these roadblocks made our client hesitant with the idea of cloud adoption. 

Read the case study to learn how Tekpros  offers both IaaS and PaaS computing solutions toaccess on-demand, cost-effective infrastructure solutions that  subsequently had saved them time, money, and management resources. 

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