Making the most of the cloud everywhere

Making the most of the cloud everywhere

Remaining flexible and agile within a hybrid environment isn’t as easy as it seems. There can be gaps in cost management, skills, and technology which ought to be bridged only by the experts. This e-book helps you take a fresh look at your IT portfolio through the lens of hybrid cloud, highlighting the key innovations needed to understand when building cloud-native services and applications and how to apply these to your overall IT estate.

Download this free e-book from Microsoft, to learn how to:

  • Manage and make the most of your existing IT investments and talent while staying innovative and agile in app development.
  • Incorporate DevOps best practices and benefits in a hybrid cloud environment and create a common process for developing, testing, and deploying software.
  • Take advantage of cloud tools such as Azure Stack to easily and consistently run hybrid applications on-premises. 
  • Improve efficiency and collaboration across developers and IT operations teams and help developers unify their workflow—no matter the target environment.

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