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Moving Windows Server to Microsoft Azure to Enable Compliance

Today’s demands on computing resources are much more complex, and many companies are making a move to the cloud to take advantage of cost-saving and convenience benefits. In addition, there is another important reason to consider migrating on-premises services to the cloud. More and more business sectors are operating under some degree of government and/or industry regulation. Navigating the maze of compliance requirements is time-consuming and expensive. The right cloud provider can help you meet that challenge.

The Azure platform meets some of the most rigorous security and compliance standards in the world. Azure also provides governance, risk, and compliance tools along with this guidance document to help you develop your own compliant cloud apps and document your adherence to compliance standards. 


– How Azure facilitates regulatory compliance for your organization’s IT operations?
–  Guidelines for planning a migration from an existing Windows server to Azure cloud while meeting compliance standards
–  Recommended set of Azure tools for each phase of migration. 

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