Oracle’s Top 10 Cloud Predictions 2019

Oracle’s Top 10 Cloud Predictions 2019

We’ve reached a remarkable tipping point. Enterprises are now outpacing consumers in their adoption of emerging technologies.

It includes Artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, digital assistants, containers, serverless, the Internet of Things (IoT) and lot more.

 They’re no longer experimenting with these new technologies in a sandbox; they’re applying them in meaningful ways across their operations, driving new business, creating new value, and building more sophisticated applications than ever before.  

Looking forward to 2025, we expect to see both cloud providers and the enterprises they serve move toward a next-generation cloud model where they have access to these new technologies, better security, improved price performance, and deep automation capabilities. 

In this ebook, we explore 10 predictions about what the enterprise IT world will look like in 2025 as the adoption of cloud rises. Together, these predictions demonstrate the need for a complete enterprise cloud approach in the years to come. 

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