SIEM Shift: How the Cloud is Transforming Security Operations

IT security is always a top priority among CSOs and CISOs. With threats evolving as quickly as the data growth, the risk surface of your business is also widening at the same pace. Amid this landscape, security information and event management (SIEM) systems can save the day!

There are a lot of benefits [to cloud SIEM] like stability, providing additional load without performance tradeoff, scalability, and maintenance that can address the biggest security challenges of your organization as well as lay a solid foundation to your security initiatives. 

Here’s an IDG survey with senior IT executives that reveals numerous considerations around how SIEM — both on-prem and cloud-based — addresses organizational challenges. This report examines the results, including:

Cost Factors
Performance Efficiencies
Handling Alert Fatigue
Staffing Concerns
The Migration to Cloud SIEM
Barriers to Cloud-based SIEM Adoption
5 Best Practices and Words of Advice

Download the guide to get detailed insights, comparison between different cloud adoption solutions and what they can mean to your business. 

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