SQL Server webinar series Explore New Features in SQL Server 2019 Standard Edition

SQL 2019 is shaping up to be a very powerful evolutionary step to the features that were introduced in SQL 2017, as well as bringing its own set of brand new capabilities that continue to position the product as a “one-stop” software platform for all your data needs. The 2019 edition includes newly released features to meet your enterprise data needs.  

Join webinar from Microsoft to learn how to modernize your on-premises databases with the SQL Server 2019 standard edition.
You’ll also learn :

1. How to use Big data Clusters to query both structured and unstructured data and combine it with customer data stored in SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and more.
2. New updates and regulations using Transparent Data encryption and how to get more compliant with it.
3. Overview of features like Intelligent Query Processing enhancements, Memory-Optimized Tempdb Metadata, Data Virtualization With Polybase, and more. 
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