Aws case study --- Tekpros

Internet Travel Organization optimized costs and reduced them by 85% by leveraging Tekpros AWS Managed services

A major travel agency had migrated their workloads to cloud, rained down the cost savings, reduced total cost of IT ownership, and performed a full scale deployment by leveraging AWS Cloud with Tekpros managed Services. The client faced the following challenges: 

– Haywire operational, maintenance, licensing and other associated costs on aspects that could be eliminated. 
– Need of a server less solution that accommodates their present stance as well as the future of their business. 
–  Need of an MSP who would look at the scale of their demand in advance, monitor, manage and optimize their processes to meet their business needs.   

Learn how Tekpros had leveraged its full suite of AWS Managed services to reverse LMS audit, reduce TCO spend by 85% and execute a successful digital transformation.  

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